Orbost Bike Rides

Easy to Moderate Day Rides All within 15km of town centre .

Young Creek

This is my favourite short ride around Orbost. It takes you through some typical regrowth forest and has enough rises to make it a useful work out while not being extremely difficult. There are many possible variations to this ride but the marked route is possibly the easiest. All tracks on this ride are signposted.

This ride commences at Orbost roundabout. Ride along Nicholson St away from the shopping centre until you reach Scott St. Following the sign to Bonang, turn right into Scott St and continue along this road as it becomes the Bonang Highway. Ride along the Bonang Highway passing Murphy's Lane and Duggans Lane on your left. At South Boundary Road after 4 kilometres riding turn right off the highway , The DSE work depot will then be on your left. Follow South Boundary Rd. It will diverge from the fence line and descend to a bridged creek crossing, about 5 km. On the other side of the crossing stay on South Boundary. On your left you will firstly pass Stock Track and then Sheep track. After climbing a moderate rise you will see a track off to the left. This is Break Neck Track and is the return route.You are about 6.2 kilometres from the start. Continue on South Boundary and you will again ride beside the farm fence line.

Younf Creek

When you reach Youngs Creek Rd turnoff on your right(about 8 kilometres) continue along South Boundary descending to a bridged crossing of Young Creek. There is a short steep climb out of the crossing. A further 1.7 kilometres along South Boundary you will come to Ross Track , turn of on your left. Follow Ross Track.Your are about 9.5 kilometres from the start. This track rises gently into the forest and I have always found it a very quiet and pleasant ride. About 3 kilometres later the track ends at an intersection with Storers Track. Turn left and follow the track as it descends to another Young Creek bridged crossing. Just before the bridge there is a parking bay on the right and on your left in amongst the trees are picnic tables. It is clearly signposted. There is also a short walk trail to Young Creek Falls. The picnic ground by this route is approximately 13.5 kilometres.

There are two walks at the picnic ground - each is short of about 1 km - to the waterfall and a forest loop. These walks have been recently reopened.

After a break , cross the bridge and follow Storers Track. There is a moderate to steep rise of about 500 metres before reaching a ridge line. At the top of the climb on your left is the signposted turn off to Break Neck Track. The name is totally misleading, it is a gentle down hill ride of about 3 kilometres.


This track returns you to South Boundary Road ( about 18 kilometres ) and you will turn right and retrace your entrance into the forest. At the end of South Boundary turn left and follow the Bonang highway back to Orbost. Total distance covered is about 24 kilometres.