Orbost Bike Rides

Easy to Moderate Day Rides All within 15km of town centre .

Wehners Track

This is a 30 kilometre strenuous ride. From the roundabout ride down Nicholson St away from the shops until you reach Scott St. There is a sign to the right to Bonang and a sign to the left to Raymond Falls and Snowy River National Park. Turn left towards Snowy River National Park. Scott St becomes Jarrahmond Rd. Follow Jarrahmond Rd to the Yalmy Rd turn off 3.4 kilometres from the start. Follow Yalmy Rd. This quickly turns in rough gravel and is a consistent buphill ride. At 5.5 kilometres from the start you will see the clearly signposted merge point from Knob Track. Those who have started through the Scount Camp Track ride have the option of joining this ride to make a circuit of about 42 kilometres.

Continue along Yalmy Rd for about another 4.5 uphill kilometres until you reach Wehner track turnoff to the left at 10.4 Kilometres from start. Wehner Track is about 7 kilometres long. It follows a ridge line and gradually descends to a creek crossing about 1 kilometre from the end. Views of the river flat farms can be seen as the track in part marks the boundary between forest and farms. After crossing the creek there is a strenuous ride uphill to Garnetts Track T intersection. Turn Left. There are some residential homes and farms in this area so keep your eye out for traffic.

Garnetts track is a steep to moderate downhill ride until after a left turn around a residential home it runs parallel to The Snowy River. At 19.7 kilometers from the start you will reach a gate. Remember to leave the gate as you found it. It is usually closed. The access follows along by the Snowy River for two kilometres until you reach a cattle grid. There is likely to be stock in this area so be careful. I have ridden this route many times and the only problem has been delay caused by lazy cattle who don't move off the road until the last minute.

After passing over the cattle grid you are on The B Road which will take you back to Orbost. You have about 10 kilometres left to ride. Follow along the B Rd for a about 2 kilometres when the tar begins and to a signposted historical memorial after an avenue of oak trees. The marker and information sign gives an insight into Jarrahmond and Orbost early history and there is a 1939-45 war honour roll. The oak trees were planted in 1955 but the avenue was never completed. Continue on to Orbost along The B Road. Turn left into Forest Road after Murray Goulburn Hardware and then right into Salisbury St and return to the roundabout.