Orbost Bike Rides

Easy to Moderate Day Rides All within 15km of town centre .

Scout Camp

This ride commences at Orbost roundabout. Ride along Nicholson St away from the shopping centre until you reach Scott St. Turn right into Scott St and continue along this road as it becomes the Bonang Highway. Ride along the Bonang Highway passing Murphy's Lane and Duggans Lane on your left and then South Boundary Rd on the right. Just past the Orbost tip about 4.5 kilometres from Orbost on the left is the Old Bonang Highway. This is signposted and is a dirt trail. Turn into this track and follow until you reach an intersection at 6.5 kilometres. Scout Camp Track comes in from the highway .Turn left and continue along this track until you reach a sign at 7.5 kilometres to the left for Scout Camp Track. Follow this sign , the uphill continuation of the main track is the Old Bonang Highway.

scout camp turn

Scout Camp Track then descends to a creek crossing. Be careful of the speed humps on this descent. The creek crossing is quite steep and you will probably have to push the bike up the first 20 metres on the other side. You are about 9 kilometres from Orbost. After this there is a flat area ( Scout Camp? ). The road goes toward the right and follows the creek line. Do not take the unmarked track to the left or you will be pushing your bike up some nasty rises. The track rises with the creek line for about 2.5 kilometres. It is a rideable but consistent climb.

At the top of the hill you will reach Knob Track distance 11.5 kilometres. Turn left. Stay on the main track and descend out of the forest into farming land. Continue along Knob Track with the farm fence line on your left. Knob Track will merge into Yalmy Road at about 14 kilometres At this point on your left you will be able to see in the distance Orbost town. Follow Yalmy Rd towards Orbost. Nearing an intersection Yalmy Road ( about 16.5 Kilometres ) will turn into a tar surface. Turn left at this intersection into Jarrahmond Rd. Follow this road back into town.


At the intersection of Knob Track and Yalmy Rd instead of returning to Orbost you can extend the ride by turning right and combining with the Wehner Track Ride.